What We’re Reading – February

Lefty Baby far prefers closing books rather than reading them with me, but we’ll keep trying! Here is what we’ve been reading during February – books based on familiar themes and topics. LB is four months old and we try to have some ‘book time’ every afternoon. In addition to these, he has a number of cloth books and small board books for him to explore the best way he knows how – with his mouth!

The Baby’s Catalogue – Janet and Alan Ahlberg







There’s lots of lovely pictures of babies and families to talk about in this book, as well as various baby-related activities and objects. This would be a good book to buy for any older siblings if there’s a baby on the way, as it would generate lots of talk about babies and what they do. LB was far more tolerant of this book over actual stories, so this led to us purchasing…

199 Things to Eat/199 Animals/199 Things in the Garden















These are some simply yet beautifully illustrated catalogue-style books of various things grouped into categories. We’re looking forward to 199 Things on the Farm being published next month. With weaning due to start fairly soon too, I may buy 1000 Things to Eat as rather a lot of pages of 199 Things to Eat are treat/pudding-based, which is my only criticism.

DK – My First Words and My First Farm



More catalogue-style books but with photographs rather than illustrations. These are organised into categories with tabs which are nice for little hands to turn the pages. They’re the usual excellent quality that Dorling Kindersley are known for.

The Book of Opposites – Sarah Dyer








A book that will grow with LB as his understanding increases, this is a fantastic book to introduce the concept of opposites and various new words. Again, this book is arranged in categories such as weather opposites, doing opposites, opposites in the home and nature opposites.

Helen Oxenbury’s Big Baby Book








This is a collection of Helen Oxenbury’s I Can… I Touch… I See… books with pleasing illustrations of a baby doing various things. LB is very interested in other babies, as well as his own reflection, at the moment, and has enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book.

I’ve bought these books from a variety of places including Amazon Marketplace, Waterstone’s and TK Maxx (some gems to be found if you have a good rummage!). The Baby’s Catalogue was passed onto us by a friend.

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