I’m Lefty Mama, a first-time mother from the UK.

Artist’s Impression

Like many parenting blogs, this one came about from being at home with a newborn and needing something to occupy my mind that wasn’t ‘is the baby’s poo the correct colour?’ Expect to find posts about…


I identify as a Socialist and a Feminist. I support the Labour Party and take delight in the campaign poster war my Tory neighbours and I have during election season.

Our family also identifies as Humanist. We had a Humanist ceremony for our wedding and intend to have a Humanist naming ceremony to welcome our boy at some point in the coming months.

Like anything, parenting is something of a political minefield and, however we parent, our actions are often seen as political choices. My husband and I certainly make very deliberate choices when it comes to how we parent our son. We always aim to base these choices on reason and careful research. I’m hoping that this blog will serve as a place for me to unpack some of the thinking about the choices we make and engage in conversation and debate with likeminded (or otherwise) people.


I’m a teacher by trade (for my sins) and have always been interested in children’s learning and development. I came to the Montessori Method during my first few years in teaching and, after reading more about it, knew it was how I wanted to raise my children. Luckily, my husband was a fan, too.

Montessori teaches independence, grace and courtesy, respect for and trust in the child and the importance of play. This is achieved largely by the prepared environment – ensuring that our children’s environment enables them to develop in independence. There’ll be lots of posts exploring our prepared environment at home and how it changes and grows with our child.

I believe Montessori aligns perfectly with Socialism, Feminism and Humanism. I’ll go into more detail about why in future posts.


Outside politics and parenting, my interests include reading (particularly historical fiction, non-fiction and fantasy), history, cross stitch, cooking, drawing mediocre cartoons (often of the comedy things my family say and do), browsing reddit/the internet at large, watching true crime documentaries on Netflix and drinking overpriced coffee. I’m pretty #basic.

You can contact me via e-mail, Twitter and Instagram.

Hope you enjoy reading.

-Lefty Mama

A Note on Anonymity

I’ve chosen to blog anonymously in order to keep the identities of my husband and son private. It will also, in theory, keep my blog focused on writing and longer-form content.

For reference:

LM: Lefty Mama, yours truly. I’m in my late 20s, a teacher and first-time mother.

LH: Lefty Husband. Also late 20s, maths genius, board game connoisseur, first-time dad.

LB: Lefty Baby/Boy. Newborn. Yet to develop much in the way of personality but is rather lovely. First-time baby.

We live in the West Midlands (Best Midlands).

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