Montessori Friendly Toys: 5 months

Lefty Baby has started enjoying toys! By enjoying, I really mean licking/chewing/sucking on/generally eating them. He does have a few favourite toys though, and it’s lovely to watch him explore them. All of these favourites are things he explores with his hands, which he realised the potential of around a month ago. He loves to Read more about Montessori Friendly Toys: 5 months[…]

Open-Ended, Gender Neutral Christmas Presents for an Infant

Despite being a secular family, as I discussed in my Top Ten Tips for  a Humanist Christmas post, Christmas has always been a big deal to us. We enjoy getting together to eat a big dinner, spend time with one another and contest the annual games tournament. I love decorating our home and sending cards Read more about Open-Ended, Gender Neutral Christmas Presents for an Infant[…]