Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the things I’m trying do to less of this year is use single-use plastics, particularly water bottles and disposable coffee cups.

I bought glass water bottles in two sizes from TK Maxx. The large one is handy to have around the house, particularly when I’m stuck in a chair breastfeeding, and the smaller one is just right for my backpack, to take on outings or short walks. I also have an insulated one (pictured) which I used to use a lot at work.

My coffee cup is a keepcup, which are Australian in design and manufacture. This is actually my second, as I dropped the first one and it shattered! I was pretty miffed so do keep in mind that they will break if handled clumsily. I put it in my bag whenever we go out just in case we go to a coffee shop, which does happen with monotonous regularity.

I’ve also (finally) managed to get into the habit of taking a couple of tote bags out with me when I pop to the shops. I like to use cloth ones as they can take a heavy load and are also easiest to carry/sling over your shoulder with a baby in tow.

Another thing I’m doing is using bar soap and shampoo. I asked for a Lush voucher for Christmas and this set me up with a bar of shampoo, rather a lot of shampoo/bubble bath/body wash in the form of their Rainbow bar, a couple of tins to hold these in and some bar soap to use to bath Lefty Baby/wash hands with. I’ve also bought glass liquid soap dispensers from TK Maxx which are easy to recycle or reuse.

We’re also using cloth nappies on LB most of the time now! As he’s breastfed and yet to begin weaning, he poos very infrequently so the nappies aren’t unpleasant to deal with. We bought a few different types to trial and like Wonderoos best, so bought a few more of those. We’re not yet full time with them but even using one a day is 365 fewer nappies in landfill, which is better than nothing. I’ll write a more detailed post about this in the near future.

How do you cut down on your use of plastics at home?

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