Recs – January

Each month, I’m going to post a few recommendations of books, podcasts, TV shows, music, lifestyle bits and pieces etc. that I’ve been enjoying. These posts are not sponsored and are just a way for me to recommend what I’ve been into to a wider audience, as I’m sure my family grow sick of me banging on about them.


Podcasts have been a bit of a lifeline as I’ve adjusted to maternity leave and not feeling as much of a part of the outside world as I did when I was working. They allow me to stay engaged with current affairs and have my thinking challenged.

I’m really enjoying Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd at the moment. I’ve listened to every episode and find both Ed and Geoff to be witty, engaging hosts. It’s always exciting when Monday rolls round and there’s a new episode to listen to! It’s a podcast for progressives who might need a reason to be cheerful about the Brexit/Trump world we’re living in. They cover a range of topics and invite thoughtful guests onto the show who always manage to explain the main theme of the episode in a clear way. My favourite episodes so far have been Episode 8, all about land tax and Episode 12, about regeneration and culture, featuring Grayson Perry.


Over the past few months, I’ve become very interested in Scandinavian/European living, as have approximately 12.6 million other millenials. (Disclaimer: I do say I’m pretty #basic on the ‘about’ page). I borrowed ‘The Danish Way of Parenting’ from the library and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m now halfway through ‘The Happiest Kids in the World’, all about Dutch parenting practices. These books have provided some really interesting insights into the culture of parenting in Denmark and Holland and certainly given me some food for thought. I’ll be reviewing both books in greater detail next month.


Lefty Husband and I are on a RuWatch of Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race in preparation for All Stars 3 airing later this month. It’s simultaneously incredibly trashy and incredibly heartwarming, as well as very quotable, the main thing LH and I look for in a TV programme. ‘Reality’ TV isn’t really my thing but I make an exception for this. Hoping for a UK version to see British drag showcased in a similar way!


Printing photos – I’m terrible for letting photos sit on my phone and then my hard drive when I transfer them to my computer. Since the baby has come along, I’ve taken hundreds of photos of him and made sure to get some printed. Free Prints is an app that is pretty simple and cheap (you pay for postage – the prints are apparently free) and the counter in Boots is easy to use.

What have you been into recently and would recommend?

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