Top Ten Tips for a Humanist Christmas

Top Ten Tips for a Humanist Christmas As I state in my ‘about’ post, our family identifies as Humanist. What is Humanism? Humanists UK (formerly the British Humanist Association) define a Humanist as someone who: trusts in the scientific method in understanding how the world works and rejects the idea of the supernatural makes their Read more about Top Ten Tips for a Humanist Christmas[…]

Montessori Movement Area – 1 month

After the rush of newborn madness that was Lefty Baby’s first month, I finally managed to spend some time organising his movement area, making it a space which works for his current developmental needs. He has been more awake throughout the day and is at least somewhat happier to spend time in places that aren’t Read more about Montessori Movement Area – 1 month[…]