Movement Area Update – 2 Months Old

This week, I made the first changes to Lefty Baby’s movement area since we set it up for him. His interest in black and white images has been waning, so I took down the Munari-inspired felt mobiles I’d made for him and replaced them with a few different objects.

Obviously, I don’t have all of these things in view for LB at any one time to avoid overwhelming him. The things hanging on the play frame can all tuck neatly out of the way and allow him to concentrate on just one thing.

1 – I hung a set of twelve Grapat rings threaded onto some ribbon. I made another version of this, threaded onto fishing wire, about a month ago. LB absolutely delighted in it and showed his first signs of being purposeful in movement as he tried to hit the rings that we’d hold up for him. As he enjoyed it so much, I put another set together for him to enjoy in his movement area. It’s been a big hit already and he’s spent several long periods cooing and smiling as he concentrates on them. The joy of open-ended toys such as these is that he can enjoy them now and well into the future.

2 – One of the play silks we bought LB for Christmas tied onto some ribbon. I forgot that I’d got a few of these out trying to make a seasonal display with our celebration ring, but they looked proper naff and Lefty Husband made me put them away. It’s very lightweight and lovely for him to bat at, which he’s enjoyed doing. The bright colour is also visually stimulating for him and it hangs low enough at the moment to gently tickle his face.

3 – A colourful grasping toy. LB hasn’t shown much interest in this yet but I’m sure he will soon enough.

4 – Lefty Baby is still super into his Octahedron mobile after not being remotely fussed about it for the first few times we introduced it. He regularly spends stretches of half an hour concentrating on the shapes and particularly enjoys watching them move. Thankfully, this gives me time to finish constructing his Gobbi mobile, which is turning out to be much harder than I anticipated! We’ll introduce the Dancers mobile (5) before too long, as LB loves watching anything that sparkles or shines and the holographic paper the dancers are made from will be a hit, I’m sure!

Another thing I’ll introduce to his movement area will be a mylar balloon filled with helium, tied loosely to his ankle so that when he kicks his legs, the balloon will move. This is something my mom used to do with me and I apparently enjoyed it very much!

One area I want to work on is improving LB’s tummy time. Do you have any suggestions?

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