Montessori Friendly Toys: 5 months

Lefty Baby has started enjoying toys! By enjoying, I really mean licking/chewing/sucking on/generally eating them. He does have a few favourite toys though, and it’s lovely to watch him explore them.

All of these favourites are things he explores with his hands, which he realised the potential of around a month ago. He loves to hold things and always seems so proud when he’s managed to hold something for a good while.

What makes them ‘Montessori’ is that they’re open-ended, made of a variety of different natural materials and simple – no bells or whistles or flashing lights. Our family prefer these toys as we believe they encourage imagination, problem-solving and creativity, as well as promoting fine and gross motor skills.

Maud the Orangutan and Mr. Whiffles

I bought Maud from IKEA as I thought she’d make a good, cheap companion to keep in LB’s ‘on the go’ bag of toys. She’s rarely in there however, as Lefty Baby is nearly always holding her. Her limbs are just the right size for his little hands to grasp and he loves the soft texture of her fur. She also has a very sweet face. She’s his favourite toy by far and appears in most photographs we take these days. Similar to Maud, Mr. Whiffles has exceptionally fluffy fur, which LB loves to bury his face in and, of course, get his mouth round.

Hevea Star Ball

Although quite expensive, this has been one of our best buys for LB so far. It’s a rubber ball with holes in, meaning it’s light and easy to handle. The texture of the rubber is also nice on LB’s gums. My husband and I also have a lot of fun throwing it to each other!

Brio Rattles

As with all babies, LB loves a rattle. Now he’s figured out how to grasp things, he really loves shaking the rattle with the bell. If we hold the rattle with rings on up for him, he’ll spend ages batting at the rings, making them spin.

Montessori Puzzle Ball

My very talented sister has made LB a range of puzzle balls, which he greatly enjoys handling. They have lots of different points where LB can position his hands and he’s able to grip it well. They also don’t roll too far when they’re thrown so that he can try to wriggle towards them as best he can.

Nursing Beads

Another different tactile experience, the silicon nursing beads are lovely for LB to hold when he’s feeding or when I’m carrying him round. He enjoys them so much he bought me another couple of necklaces for Mother’s Day!

Play Silk

This has started to hold a good deal of appeal with LB, as he enjoys chewing on it, snuggling with it and joining in ‘peepo’ with it!

These toys were bough from a variety of places online, including Babipur, Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks, Myriad Online, Amazon and Pebbles and Lace at Etsy.

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