Celebrating Easter as a Secular Family

Similar to the post I wrote for Christmas, here’s how we’ll be celebrating Easter at our house this year!

Sharing an Easter dinner with family. It’s no secret how much I love food and there’s little I like better than preparing meals for my loved ones. We try to limit our meat consumption (Lefty Husband was vegan when I met him but has since been prescribed double cream/full fat milk etc. for health reasons – if only I suffered from the same affliction!) for ethical and environmental reasons. I will be preparing roast lamb for the Easter meal, however, and stretching the leftovers into a number of other dishes. It will also be the first ‘proper’ meal my parents and sister join us for after conducting a deep Spring clean of the house and moving round the furniture. My sister also will have (hopefully!) completed the set of tableware I commissioned her to make for my birthday – hooray for placemats, serviettes and a pot holder!

Get out in nature. Being outdoors is not something that comes naturally (no pun intended) to me, at all. I bought my first proper pair of trainers since I was about 12 for the first time only last week, the only other exception being on our honeymoon in Prague when I bought a pair for about £8 from ‘The A-Z Fashion Store’ as I’d failed to realise that, as nice as my brogues are, they don’t really stand up to a full day’s walking round an unfamiliar city. To get back to the point, Easter time is a wonderful time of year to explore the natural world as there’s just so much going on! We visited our local RSPB reserve for the first time at the weekend, and the antics of the various birds were a delight to watch. Fresh air is good for your health, both physical and mental, and being outdoors is worth the effort even if your first preference, like me, would to be indoors with a book, blanket and cup of tea.

Spring Clean. I’ve discussed my newfound joy in the house and being houseproud in a previous post, which you can read here. That joy has reached whole new heights now that Lefty Husband and I have finished a regime of decluttering, cleaning and organising! Our front room is now a lovely family space after a bit of imagination and creative solutions for the furniture. Our pantry and kitchen are now completely functional and our back room is a cosy space to relax and play. It feels good!

Create a seasonal display. I intend to talk more about embracing Waldorf/Steiner philosophy and practice as a secular family in a later post, but for now let me show you our seasonal display! We’ve used our Grimm’s Rainbow, play muslins which were a gift for Lefty Baby from a family member at Christmas, Schleich animals and elements of the natural world to create a lovely display for Spring. This is something I’m excited to do with LB as he grows and I hope he’ll enjoy marking the changing of the seasons and different events in this way.

Give an Easter basket. Lefty Baby has just a few things from us, as we don’t see Easter as a real ‘present giving’ holiday in our family, but it’s always nice to get a couple of things. He has some Schleich farm animals (bought in the closing down sale from Toys R Us and for play when he’s a bit older), some wax crayons as he enjoys grabbing our pens/pencils when we’re writing and seeing what they do and Spring by Gerda Muller, a beautifully illustrated book which I’m sure will be enjoyed on different levels as he grows.

As LB gets bigger, I’m sure we’ll add to these activities with an egg hunt and various spring time crafts. He’ll also enjoy his first Easter egg next year too, as even though he’s started tasting food he’s probably still a bit little this year!

What are your family’s Easter traditions?

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