Montessori Friendly Toys: 5 months

Lefty Baby has started enjoying toys! By enjoying, I really mean licking/chewing/sucking on/generally eating them. He does have a few favourite toys though, and it’s lovely to watch him explore them. All of these favourites are things he explores with his hands, which he realised the potential of around a month ago. He loves to Read more about Montessori Friendly Toys: 5 months[…]

Celebrating Easter as a Secular Family

Similar to the post I wrote for Christmas, here’s how we’ll be celebrating Easter at our house this year! Sharing an Easter dinner with family. It’s no secret how much I love food and there’s little I like better than preparing meals for my loved ones. We try to limit our meat consumption (Lefty Husband Read more about Celebrating Easter as a Secular Family[…]

And The Kitchen Table Exists Because I Scrub It

On embracing being houseproud. Well, so that is that. Now we must dismantle the tree, Putting the decorations back into their cardboard boxes — Some have got broken — and carrying them up to the attic. The holly and the mistletoe must be taken down and burnt, And the children got ready for school. There Read more about And The Kitchen Table Exists Because I Scrub It[…]

Movement Area Update – 2 Months Old

This week, I made the first changes to Lefty Baby’s movement area since we set it up for him. His interest in black and white images has been waning, so I took down the Munari-inspired felt mobiles I’d made for him and replaced them with a few different objects. Obviously, I don’t have all of Read more about Movement Area Update – 2 Months Old[…]